Friday, October 12, 2007


The picture's of Persis. Just decided when there's not a natural picture to go with whatever I'm saying I'll include something from an older set.

Anyway, I'm having a weird day. It was raining and I didn't want to clean the gutters in the rain, so I made cyanotypes. It turns out that after being pressed the platinum layer hadn't shrunk after all and I actually overcorrected with the cyanotype layer. Anyway, the print has a small registration problem but it's very pretty and it pretty much looks exactly like the Photoshop duotone it was supposed to look like. So the basic idea is validated, at least for a contrasty sort of image. I'll get a picture and more detail up when it's dry and I have time to photograph it (a day or two).

By then it had stopped raining, so I cleaned the gutters after all. I have a really small single story house (1100 square feet) and a gas powered pressure washer with a U attachment, so basically it involves kind of walking along under the gutters with this attachment in the gutters, with vast amounts of gunk and grime and water spraying in all directions, mostly landing on my head. Once you accept you're going to get filthy it's no big deal but you want to be wearing safety glasses and earplugs. Once that's done I use a low pressure attachment and just kind of hose the gunk and grime off the house, repeat in the back, and that's that for the year. Takes only about an hour.

Well, I get to the side yard (it's a corner house) and somebody's swiped my hose! That sort of thing makes me wonder - was it kids, or a renter who really wanted a hose but couldn't afford one ($20, 4 year old hose), or some crazed crack ho who somehow thought she could sell a used garden hose for enough money to get somewhere? How very odd.

Anyway, I figure out a way to make it work, finish the job, and just as I am closing the garage door, wham, a cloudburst starts. Finished just in time.

(Emily later today hopefully)


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