Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dell and Verified by Visa

Wow, what a crock. I went to order a Dell desktop - choosing Dell not because I'm particularly pleased with them but because they were the only ones I could find that would let me configure a machine a particular way - and it came out to be pretty expensive. I went to check out, and this weird popup comes up saying it's from "Verified by Visa" and asking you to sign up for a program that will be used from then on (with no info about what the ramifications are) that looks exactly like a phishing attempt frankly, especially since it has you entering the last four digits of your social security number. I have no idea where the actual form data goes back to, but it sure as hell isn't any of Dell's business what my social security number is. And frankly I'm not entirely sure it's legit, although there is such a program.

Part of the problem is that once you sign a card up from one of the companies that forces you to, it's enabled for many retailers and then you have to keep entering yet another password to do anything.

At this point I'll probably just build a system - not my idea of a fun afternoon but at this point it appears to be the only way to get what I want.

Update: Turns out not all issuing banks support this at all, and I tried another card and it worked. So as an example Dell doesn't trust you if you belong to Chase, but if you're with Bank of America they just process it.

Update2: Heh - Chase called a few minutes later, checking to see if they'd prevented fraud or if it was just some frustrated customer (in which case they wanted to be reassuring that their very phishy interface was legit). So I got to tell her I'd used another card which made her a bit grouchy. :-)


Blogger cosfrog said...

Ya I run inot that when I purchase stuff with dA, annoying.

Ill be getting a new desktop next month but going with alienware. Them and dell are the only ones I found that I ca still get XP installed.

8:17 AM  
Blogger San Francisco Nudes said...

Alienware, fancy. (Aren't they owned by Dell now?).

Same deal here - wanted XP, lots of memory (4GB although the OS won't use all of it), 500GB RAID mirror, and the rest of the specs weren't as important. I went with a dual 3.0 instead of a quad 2.4 which I may regret later but we'll see.

Mostly I'm spending a lot of time waiting for the computer while photo editing and if I get a 5D Mark II and the file sizes double that's not going to help any.

I'm probably going to do some software upgrades at the same time - a lot of the stuff I'm using now is really ancient.

8:52 AM  
Blogger cosfrog said...

Well Alienware gave me credit =o) SO after the next magazine check comes in Ill be able to do it. Same thing my computer has really been slow lately, I get up to get a drink or something on some tasks.

Im getting the dual 500gb but one is for software the other a scratch and temp disk, all my files are on raided externals. I will be getting the dell 30in monitor I think, although that may wait till the following month

9:36 AM  

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