Thursday, October 04, 2007

Cyanotype over Platinum report 6: Final lighthouse print

Here's the final print. You'll see it's quite close to the one right out of Photoshop now that I'm using the right color. If you click on it to see it a big bigger the background's a bit uneven looking - that's mostly the scanner picking up the texture of the paper. The actual print's closer to the preview. Definitely close enough to give me hope that I can make more duotones in Photoshop and actually make prints that have the same look.

Later today I'll post the two pictures I'm going to try to create - in a week or so I'll have them made and we can compare back. I think folks will have a better idea of why I'm going to so much trouble at that point - I've done some testing and you can get some very cool results with just blue and black together.

There will be some fine tuning, but assuming that works I'll make up, oh, ten or so total and see how people like them.


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