Thursday, October 04, 2007

Cyanotype over Platinum report 5: Cyanotype

This isn't it - the prints are still drying. I'll explain in a moment.

What I did was to do two copies of the image I've been working on - adding a 10 minute cyanotype layer to one and a 5 minute cyanotype layer to the other. The 10 definitely has too much blues in the whites versus the original I had in report 2. But I was thinking maybe a 7 minute exposure would be pretty close, but the color was much brighter than the somewhat arbitrary blue I'd picked to start.

Well, I fired up the original duotone in Photoshop and tried some other blues to get the color to match. And the Pantone Process Blue C was pretty much spot on, including the fact that it now looked like there was rather too much blues in the whites. The important thing here isn't that it looks good, the important thing is that it matches the print, so that's a great thing to learn.

So the bad news is that one print has too much blue and the other not enough, but the good news is that I now have a much more accurate proofing tool than I'd hoped (as long as I use the right blue) and I can print with my regular exposure and as long as I play with the ratios before printing the negative that should be reflected in the final print. Plus, I didn't have any kind of coating weirdness with the cyanotype layer and the registration was OK as best I can tell.

So what you see here is the output from Photoshop using the correct blue but no other changes, and when I scan the print tomorrow we can see how it compares.

So next steps are to pick two images and try again in 8x10 (these are 5x7s to save money while experimenting). I have one in mind already that's a black background and torso and basically the background will be black but the torso will be a blue/silver in some ratio (probably mostly blue). The other I'll pick something with less dramatic lighting and see what I can do with it.


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