Monday, October 01, 2007

Cyanotype over Platinum Report 4: Platinum

I took two of the pre-shrunk papers from before and coated them with no problems. I'm actually using the ziatype chemistry so they're quite neutral in color. (for an explanation of these processes, see the alt process page). The paper didn't act any differently because of the pre-soak - just took the usual amount of fluid, it exposed normally, all quite anti-climatic in its own way. I'm more concerned about the cyanotype end of things for various reasons, but we'll get to that when the time comes.

So next steps are to let them dry overnight, and then press them yet another night so they'll be nice and flat. Wednesday I won't have time to make prints in the morning (getting early lunch with a friend) but I'll scan them and see if the cyanotype negative registers. If not that means they shrunk some more and I'll measure the difference and print a new negative to match. If they're not the same I'll split the difference for this experiment. If that's the case I'll also try either a longer pre-soak or two pre-soaks or something to try to bring them more in line.

Then that means that Thursday hopefully I'll add some cyanotype layers - probably one sheet at normal exposure and one sheet at half exposure. There's a good chance that the cyanotype will overwhelm the platinum somewhat and the half exposure will give better balance. If that one's looking best at an initial glance I'll probably go ahead and print a test chart on the third soaked paper so that I can take the different exposure into account for future negatives.

Whew! Anyway, I'll post an update Wednesday with a scan of the platinum layer and if the paper shrunk any more or not.

Update: Here's a scan of the platinum. No shrinkage as far as I can tell (note this is only a 5x7 image which helps). I'll go ahead and put on a cyanotype layer tomorrow with the negative I printed last week.


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