Friday, September 21, 2007

Rodinal Candy

Here's Candy. I just shot one roll with her so I could test developing in Rodinal. It's an old fashioned developer, has some advantages and disadvantages. I'm not sure how different it looks with a web sized scan, but the original looks really nice.

For the film crowd: Tri-X, 50:1, 13 minutes, one inversion every minute past the first 30 seconds of constant inversion.

Next time I have a model around I'll shoot some of the Ilford Delta 400 and try it in the Rodinal - I have a "recipe" from a friend that basically involves a 100 minutes long soak in the developer without touching it. Should be interesting.

I started a new folder for TLR pictures if you want to see a couple more. I'll try to get the digial ones processed by the end of the week.


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