Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Post Shoot Notes: Natalie

Here's Natalie - this is just a couple of frames into the shoot, as usual I haven't really looked at them yet.

Did some more playing with gels (there's a pink and a blue light hitting a grey background here) and took a roll with my 1950s folding camera and with my new back for the RB67. I'm not sure what I'll do with the folding camera shots - they're square, so either I need to create a new folder for them or I need to rename the Mamiya TLR folder to "square medium format from anything that's not a Holga" since the original point of separating those out by camera was just to keep the Holga shots on their own. (The RB 67 shots will just get mixed in with the digital ones since I crop both to 8x10).

The film's developed but still drying so I know they came out OK (whew!) but can't share them yet. But at first glance they look fine - the folding camera's viewfinder's maybe a little off but that's not exactly unexpected (on reflection at least some of this is due to parallax - since the viewfinder is well above the lens). Focusing is a bit of guesswork with that kind of camera, but at least some of them seem sharp. We'll see!

Update: Well, the sharpness isn't that great. I think it's due to focusing issues - I'll do a roll of scenic stuff to make sure that's the issue before proceeding with another model.


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