Thursday, September 06, 2007

Post Shoot Notes: Angela

Here's the appropriately named Angela. As you can see I'm still screwing around with gels. This is actually four lights - all four with honeycomb grids, all four behind the model, two to either side. One on each side is pointing at the model, and one on each side at the background. There's a red gel taped to the front of one background light and a blue gel taped to the front of the other.

You have to fiddle with angles and ratios and stuff to have it look like anything but it's kind of fun. I have some that are brighter and some that are more pastel and some with the usual dark background.

I probably won't even look at these until next week, but if I get the film developed soon I might post another teaser shot. I would normally just get it done right now but I stubbed my toe and not that it's physically demanding to process film but I'm not in the mood.


Blogger cosfrog said...

Granted I havent looked at ALL your images =o) but this one is one of my favs of yours. Great job

8:17 AM  

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