Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New TV season

So this week the DVR's gone from saying "no, no new TV, why do you ask?" to "Look what I found! Oh, and please add another hard drive!" This means that the networks have decided that the weather's getting crappy and folks would rather stay home and watch TV than do something elsewhere.

Similarly, this is the beginning of what amounts to shoulder season for me - summer's slow, there's about a six week magic season starting around December 20th where people want to get something for themselves already and they spend like crazy, and everything else is sort of in between.

The new shows have included Chuck, which consists of two nerds and a really hot blond, and The Big Bang Theory which consists of two nerds and a really hot blond. In Chuck the blond spends rather a lot of time in her underwear for no obvious reason. In The Big Bang Theory the nerds spend a lot of time in their underwear for no obvious reason. Interesting difference in strategy. Oh, and Beauty and the Geek which consists of a wide variety of hot women and nerds and a girl geek and a male model type just to confuse everybody.

In any case, mixing nerds and babes is clearly the fashion this season. I guess I'm going to have to start getting in the photos!


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