Thursday, September 06, 2007

New Model: Anna

Here's the set with Anna. As you can see, it was an opportuntity to play with gels a bit as well as the new film camera - the film shots are just mingled in with the digital.

I got these done earlier than expected largely because yesterday's shoot didn't happen - today's model has called to confirm (and has a lovely voice!) so barring something really unfortunate I should have some same shots up later today. Either that or a story!

(All I'm going to say about yesterday's shoot is that when a model reschedules because she just got a Burning Man ticket experience shows that either she'll forget about the rescheduled shoot when she gets back, or she'll be sunburned, scraped up, or have a STD or two to deal with. Not that I have anything against Burning Man as a general thing, but one does detect a pattern after a while.)


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