Monday, September 10, 2007

New Model: Angela

Well, here's the set with Angela. Still not happy with the way my web page generator deals with the red/blue shots - I may have to go in and substitute in versions that have been done more by hand.

I received some camera goodies today - new back for the RB67 (much nicer than what I had), Hoya R72 filter for the TLR... and some infrared film to go with it. That's more of a landscape thing but I'll try that out this week hopefully. And most exciting - an Agfa Isolette II from Jurgen Kreckel. If you look at the top shot on this page of his website that's pretty much what I got. I did a quick test to make sure the flash sync is OK (it is as best I can tell) so I'll probably take a roll next model shoot just for fun. 6x6cm negatives and it fits in your pocket. It's 50ish years old but cleaned out and various things replaced to make it a user. I'll talk about this camera more and photograph mine once I've run a couple of rolls through it, but first impression is very positive and Jurgern shipped it out super fast - very nice!


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