Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Infrared results

Huh, it works. Go to this picture and hit next a couple of times. The first two are in the morning when it's overcast, the second two are pretty much at noon after things have burnt off.

Leaves pretty much look white - broad leaves more so than narrow leaves. Grass is very white. The sky is quite dark when it's not overcast. Some stuff like the metal statue and the concrete ground pretty much look like normal.

This is with Ilford SFX 200 film, with a Hoya R72 filter on a Mamiya TLR. So the filter's just over the taking lens, and you just look through the other lens as normal. This is nice because an R72 filter is so dense you can't really see much through it at all, and on an SLR you have to keep taking it on and off. In this case two lenses are definitely better than one.

It just develops like normal film - 20% or so longer than Tri-X but that's no big deal. It's rated for ISO 200 but by the time the filter's done its job I rated it for ISO 12 and all the exposures were fine. It's a very near-IR film - 720-740nm or so. Some of the other films go out further but they have various problems (like you can't change film if there's any/much light around).


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