Friday, September 14, 2007

Folding Camera Postscript

Hey, it works. Click the picture to see it larger.

Anyway, the result of the tests is basically that you really want to be biased towards having lots of depth of field even if you have to make some other tradeoffs. It's just too hard to keep things in focus otherwise, although I'm sure a little practice will help with that. (Update: It also helps to realize that just because the .pdf manual you're reading refers to feet everywhere doesn't mean that your lens isn't metric, whoops.)

If I do another studio shoot with the folder (and there's no real reason to, its benefits lie in portability and general coolness) I'll measure the actual distance to the model with a tape measure. But mostly I see it as a fun camera while hiking and if I go to any photographer get-togethers where people are whipping out their latest gizmo the best way to deal with that is sometimes to go totally retro. :-)

Anyway, if you want a not-too-expensive medium format camera you can stick in your pocket that actually has decent optics and control over settings and so forth (i.e. not a Holga) Jurgen is your guy.


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