Thursday, September 13, 2007

Extra Lights

Well, my new White Lightning 1600 arrived today, which puts me at one 1600, two 800's, and two Alien Bees - an 800 and a 400. This is one more light than makes any sense at all, and I want to sell the AB400 (and possibly the 800, but only if somebody wants both because then I'll be well on my way to getting my final fourth light - another WL1600). They get excellent prices on eBay but I'd rather not ship them just because they're heavy and have glass bulbs and so forth and I don't have the original box anymore.

So if somebody wants to do a cash deal in the San Francisco Bay Area, drop me a note. I'll probably list the AB400 on eBay October 1st if nothing happens.

The AB400 is black and is in great shape. The AB800 is green and has a bit of a loud fan and a bit of a loose sync connector (expect to jiggle it once per shoot if it doesn't fire). I have the optional padded cases for both units. $180 for the AB400 or $400 for both. Those prices are for local deals only - the average right now on eBay is running higher, and if I have to ship them, we're talking plan B.

Update: I sold the AB400 locally. I still have the AB800. If somebody wants it, contact me, I'll sell it for $220. I probably won't bother to list it anywhere else for sale for a while, and might keep it as a travel light or something (beach shoot!)


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