Friday, September 28, 2007

Cyanotype over Platinum Report 1

OK, so I'm going to try to make some cyanotype over platinum images, and I thought I might as well document what it's like figuring out something like this.

This is one of these processes that people mention fairly regularly but usually not in a lot of detail. So I know it should basically work, but the details are all a question of trying things. I do know some issues that are likely to be an issue.

The first is registration. Lining up the images. Gum printers worry about this all the time, but it's new for me. I have a little frame around the image that I'm hoping will be easy to line up. Another issue is that when you let paper soak for an hour and then dry, it doesn't necessarily come to the same size so I'll have to pre-soak and dry some paper to get a consistent starting point.

The pre-soaked paper might be an issue - I'm not sure how well it will absorb the fluid (too much? too little?). There are ways of adding a gelatin layer back into the paper but I'll only deal with that if I have to. I may just have to recalibrate on pre-soaked paper.

The last rather obvious issue is that I have to make a pair of negatives that result in a nice final image. I'll get to that in my next entry, but I decided to start with the image here. I think the crisp lines of the lighthouse will show registration failures and it's kind of obvious when making the negative that you might want to have some extra blue in the sky area.


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