Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Avast, me hearties!

Even though it's talk like a pirate day, I've run the text of this entry through a pirate-to-English translator so it should come out OK.

Just an odds and ends post - first off, I have some new IR stuff down at the end of the Mamiya TLR page. The picture over to the side there is one of them - you might want to click on it to see it larger. I might add some pictures of Candy there in the next day or two that I took with the TLR, but I'm planning on developing them in Rodinal which is new for me so no promises.

I made pairs of cyanotypes today - one to leave as is, one to tea tone and I hope to do the tea toning in a day or two as well. I like the results but the ammonia's pretty stinky so that's no fun. I managed to step on my puddle pusher (glass tube I use to coat paper with light sensitive chemicals) in bare feet. I actually didn't get cut thankfully but I do seem to destroy one of these about every six months. Luckily I can always use a brush or one of a batch of handmade puddle pushers I made a while back.

I got in some books and have all three listed again on eBay. Last time I did that the older two books were sold out in four days, but I'm guessing that was something of a fluke so it's not like I bought a ton of them. We'll see.

I think that about covers it - I got a lot done with Natalie's pictures while I was doing cyanotype stuff and should have that finished up tomorrow or the next day.


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