Monday, September 24, 2007

Alternative Process Page updated!

Whew! The Alternative Process page now is fully made up of recent prints. I decided after the APIS conference in July that after I went through this laundry list of possible print improvements that I would redo everything on that page with current prints. Many of the images up there were a year old and obviously I've learned a trick or two in the last year.

Anyway, it's been a big job since I had to go through and recalibrate every single process I do and then make some prints.

The image here is a tea toned cyanotype. It was mostly tones much lighter than the border, so I bleached it until there was just a hint of blue in her hair and the shadows under her legs, and then put it in tea for a couple of hours. Came out nice if I do say so myself.

I'm focusing on other things this week, but next week I'll try some preliminary cyanotype/platinum combination prints. That's going to be a drawn out process, but each time I have cyanotype or platinum printing stuff set up I'll make a couple of prints to sell, so it should be a good compromise between moving forward and actually making stuff I can sell.

Oh, and don't forget - cyanotype prices go up 50% October 1st, so if you want any made now's the time!


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