Monday, September 24, 2007

Alien Bee plug

There's lots of studio lights out there - I just want to give a plug for Alien Bees. Over the course of 2007 I've actually been moving up a notch from AB to their sister company, White Lightning and from 2 lights to 4 lights. This has been happening gradually as money comes in and has been pretty painless since they take the same accessories.

But not only are ABs pretty decent lights, and the only good ones in their price range, but the resale is great. The bulbs are rated for 250K flashes, and they're much tougher than they look. The lowest power AB400 runs $225 - with shipping to CA $235. Used ones sell on eBay for $190 plus shipping (which is often around $20). I just sold my three year old AB400 for $180 - a bit lower than I would have gotten on eBay, but no fees and I didn't have to deal with shipping it. The buyer was happy - he got to plug it in and play around with it a bit before handing over the cash.

So the upshot is that I got to use this light for three years for $55. If you include the $13 padded case that I included that's $68. For three years. So for $22/year you get a quite functional studio light, even if it's not quite as flashy as the $2,000 per light models.

The only better deal out there is buying a used one, since it shouldn't really depreciate any further so it's basically free...

Update: No good deed goes unpunished - not too long after posting this, I had a really miserable customer experience with the company.


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