Sunday, August 19, 2007

New Canons

I think the official specs are coming out tomorrow (Monday) but at this point there are so many leaks - including Amazon putting up full specs - that I think we have a pretty good idea what's going on. They're updating the 30D to the 40D and the 1Ds Mark II to the Mark III. Lots of megapixels, better autofocus, everything's faster, anti-dust, big screens. The prices are about what you would expect - $1300 for the 40D, $8000 for the Mark III.

The 40D isn't cool enough for me to bother, the Mark III is too cool to afford.

The next digital camera I'd be interested in is actually the 5D upgrade - this is the model in between. It's basically the semi-pro body (which I prefer, the pro bodies are huge) with a pro level sensor. Probably we'll see the 5D Mark II late this year or yearly next but it's hard to say for sure with Canon. But it's likely to be a full-frame sensor with 16ish megapixels and great image quality. It will cost more than I want to spend, but should be at least plausible.

But before then I'll probably get a Mamiya RB - 6x7 cm negatives, absurdly heavy, the back rotates so you don't have to rotate the camera. It will become the studio film camera and the TLR becomes the outdoors film camera. You can pick up one used with a decent lens for $500ish. These things were thousands of dollars not that long ago, and prices are actually drifting back up (because anybody who was going to go digital already has, but there's still something of a demand since it's just a workhorse camera).


Blogger cosfrog said...

I was waiting for the new Ds when the annouced the 1D MkIII. I ended up getting it instead of waiting. Actually reviewing everything i shoot (not to mention cost deifference) it was the best choice for me....although I still drool over the thuoght of the Ds

12:21 PM  
Blogger San Francisco Nudes said...

It's a little complicated for me because I do a few kinds of photography but only some of them make me any money so those pretty much get priority. In any case, bottom line is it's really hard to cost justify spending an extra $5K on gear versus spending it on models, exotic locations, advertising, alternative process materials, etc. That's why the classic situation was pros used Mamiya and only doctors and lawyers could afford Hassys.

And don't forget you need a backup camera! And if the backup camera's a couple of models down and good enough to do the job, why don't you just get two of those to start?

12:34 PM  

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