Monday, August 06, 2007

Loose Ends

I'm still working on the Sarah Ellis set obviously - ETA is still Friday for the first batch of digital, but some color slides Tuesday.

I copied all of my shots from March, 2003 until mid July 2007 onto my new terabyte drive. That took quite a while as you might imagine. It's really nice having everything in one place. Well, sort of everything - I've done two shoots since then which don't fit, but my stack of external drives is much smaller, and I'm repurposing two of them to be my new drive pair (one's a backup of the other) which should buy me about 9 months to get some hefty storage for the future.

One immediate side effect of this is that it's easier to do my periodic pass through all the pictures on the site, weeding as I go. I've started this, and just finished the C's. It will be a slow ongoing process - as I'm waiting for something to dry or whatever I'll do one or two more sets. But just generally things will get just a bit tightened up from where they are now.

I tried platinum printing on Kozo paper today - just made a test chart, but it's cool handmade Japanese paper. Very thin and scary to work with but it's actually pretty tough - after spending lots of time soaking in various fluids it held up just fine. Maybe in a week or so I'll print an image on my other test page and decide if I should get some more. I don't see it replacing my usual COT320 but it's fun to try different papers and I got a cool paper sample pack for free, so what the heck.

I also made platinum prints on COT320 of a couple of shots of Sarah from the film shots I put up already. They're really lovely if I do say so myself. I'm done moving items from the eBay store into auction. Everything that doesn't sell will be filed so I can add in my latest goodies, so it will be a couple of weeks before the latest prints see the light of day. It will probably basically be the reverse of the current process - once a week I'll list a couple at auction, and the ones that don't sell immediately go into the store. I've used this strategy before and it works OK - the more popular items sell right off, and the ones that require a certain kind of buyer wait at lower cost until they visit. I'm going to try to keep a queue of unlisted items going so that it can be a pretty regular thing without interruption.

I just put in an order for more copies of Shadows. I'm down to just a couple and it takes a while to get new ones so if somebody out there is getting one for a birthday or something else where time is a factor, pick it up now.

So that's the news!


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