Saturday, August 11, 2007

Interesting Folks

One of the cool things about doing what I do for a living is that you meet a lot of interesting people. The portrait clients are almost always very cool, the models tend to be interesting in one way or another. And probably not all in the way you would guess - different people get into modeling for different reasons. Often they just want the experience and never intend to do it again - although many of them enjoy it enough that they keep doing it. Some customers I've talked to and they're almost always great (OK, you get the occasional deadbeat who doesn't pay on eBay but they're in the minority).

But man, occasionally you get somebody that just makes your head spin. The model who you meet with to discuss potential shoots who won't shake your hand and won't make eye contact. The model who misses an appointment, and then contacts you under another email address pretending to be somebody else so she can have a second chance. The person who says they want to try modeling, calls to confirm before driving to your place, and just never shows up. Did they get cold feet? Have some terrible accident? Who knows.

I just had one shoot that never happened because she wanted a one hour block of time to show up. So instead of 1:00, anywhere between 1-2. And she had some semi logical reasons why she might not quite be able to make 1:00. OK, so let's just plan on meeting at 2:00. No problem. No, she wanted a one hour block anyway. I mean, what kind of job is it OK if you show up within an hour or so of when you're supposed to be there? I wonder if she installs TV cable for a living.

But mostly very cool folks. Most folks would be shocked at how many scientists are on the website, but also folks like a professional pastry chef, a documentary filmmaker, stewardess (or whatever we're calling them this week), a number of folks with professional or semi-professional stage experience, and the occasional porn star looking for a change of pace.


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