Friday, August 03, 2007

Elise pictures up!

I've uploaded the full Elise set, check it out.

Now I get to start looking at the Sarah Ellis shots in detail - that will probably get broken up into two sets because it was a very long shoot and very productive as well and that will keep things more manageable. But with a little luck I'll have a set to upload the next two Fridays, with some film odds and ends in-between. (I have the color Holga roll with Elise and I think one color and one B&W TLR roll with Sarah Ellis).

I have a bunch of shoots scheduled or tentatively scheduled for the second half of the month. In some cases students need to get their class schedules before we can firm it up. It's kind of cool when you get to a point where multiple incoming college students contact you about modeling before they're even here!

On eBay I've started listing auctions again. I'm still basically doing what I think of as infrastructure work - removing some older items from the store, I put 60 8x10s into the store and "topped off" the 16x20s (I list 5 B&W 5 color). Since I'm down to just a few metallic prints I ended a couple of those and moved the rest to auction - if they sell, great, if not the store will end up less cluttered. This is just generally part of my movement to simplify and streamline everything.

Speaking of which, I'm about due to go through all my shots, move some sets to the archive page and generally tighten up the sets. If I have time after editing the Sarah Ellis sets and before the next shoot I'll get started on that. It takes longer and longer each time because I have so many shots on the website now but it's worthwhile to do a couple of times a year.


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