Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Elise Holga slides

Well, they're back, and they came out. I've uploaded Holga pictures of Elise. This was a bit of a gamble - Holgas claim to have f/8 and f/11 settings, but a) the switch doesn't do anything, and b) it's more like f/13, f/13.3, somewhere in there. Normally not that big of a deal - I usually call it f/11 and frankly with black and white film if you're even in the ballpark that's great. But slide film is very picky about exposure so I metered everything at f/13. Now, the thing about slide film is since it's a positive image you get the strip back from the lab (it's all in one uncut strip) and hold it up and you know instantly if you got it right or not. And they were just spot on - very cool. So now I know my Holga really is about f/13.

Still a total piece of crap, of course, and some of the colors are a bit odd, but if you're nutty enough to shoot color slide film in the studio with one, the thing has enough problems without adding bad exposure to the list. Especially at about $10 for 12 shots (yes, two rolls of slide film with development cost as much as the camera). I find them charming, but if you hate Holga shots you're in business - there will be Sarah Ellis slides later today and they were taken with the TLR and are, you know, actually sharp and stuff. I'm fighting a bit with the scanner to get some good results, but I'll get there sooner or later.

After the lab I went to an art supply place where an old lady had just fallen. Nothing serious but of course somebody called 911 and a fire truck and paramedics where there in short order. By the time they made sure she was basically OK three of us were waiting in the parking lot for them to move their vehicles so we could go. Kudos to the Berkeley Fire Department - they weren't done, but they sent somebody out to move the trucks so we could be on our way. I thought it was a nice bit of professionalism - their stuff's more important, but there's no point in being a jerk about it either.


Blogger Phil said...

Yeah, the Holga is apparently a Russian "Brownie"...they show up in catalogues like Porter's Camera and on eBay as novelties or ways to "start" photography...the Russians I used to date back in Cleveland were fond of them, but I think it was more nostalgia than quality. I rather like finding old '40's and '50's cameras from Mom and Pop camera stores that are still usable or can be made usable easily (electrician's tape on the bellows) and usually have a clean pre-coating Zeiss or whatever...
Speaking of finally owning a Hasselblad, after all these years (thanks to eBay) I finally own a Hasselblad - now, once I figure which end is which...it's a 500ELX with lense. Hey, it's never too late to have a happy childhood, and having survived what they told me was an unsurvivable sarcoma and hitting fifty in the same year, I've been rather indulgent lately! (including surrounding myself with your photographs of fascinating women) ;-)

3:18 PM  
Blogger San Francisco Nudes said...

The Holga is Chinese - you're thinking of the Lomo. Lomo actually resells Holgas for big bucks but you can pick them up at any decent camera store for $20-$25. They're still made.

3:20 PM  
Blogger San Francisco Nudes said...

Oh, and well done on both the Hassy and surviving the sarcoma. Yikes!

3:22 PM  

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