Monday, July 23, 2007

Website updates round 1

Read the last paragraph if you want to save some money!

I put up a very rough draft of a bio under the general philosophy that it's better to throw something half assed up and refine it later, because I've been meaning to do this for, oh, a year and it hasn't happened yet.

I went ahead and slimmed down the various and sundry print options. I think it's good to offer some choices and see if folks respond to them or not, but at some point you kind of have to streamline things so it's clear what's what. If you're getting more questions than sales that's probably not good. Now it's very simple - there's the lab prints and there's two kinds of handmade prints (cyanotype and platinum). Within those there are various sizes.

The intent was always to have the lab prints as affordable as possible and the handmade prints would drift up towards a more normal market value for that kind of prints as I settled into the processes. The pigment prints were a compromise that not a lot of folks were interested in, and that's fine. I also removed vandyke prints because while they can be lovely but I really love the cyanotypes and platinum prints and would rather be making those. Luckily those always sold better than the vandykes so setting the vandykes aside for the moment isn't any big deal.

I should also add that I bumped the price up a bit on the platinum prints. Frankly I still think they're a total steal and I don't know of any other photographer who will make platinum prints on demand on his entire catalog. The price for these will definitely keep drifting up on a gradual basis and I make no apology for that.

On the eBay side of things I'm trying to simplify as well. I made some smaller platinum prints in the hope that it would let people just kind of check out the process more affordably. I've sold some, but people have preferred the larger prints and it's caused confusion. People see the lower prices and ask what's wrong with the cheap ones, or why are the expensive ones twice as much - they didn't see the size info. So I've arranged the categories by size and dropped the ziatype/traditional platinum distinction (which frankly only an alt process geek would care about, and gosh, the customers aren't. What was I thinking?) I also need to go through and update the descriptions but haven't gotten there yet.

But in the long term I'd just as soon blow out my inventory of the smaller platinum prints and just keep everything simple. I haven't quite decided the details yet but I'm trying an experiment using a new eBay "sale" feature. I've set the smaller prints to be 30% off and it should expire on noon on the 30th. The interesting bit is that the store gets very little traffic right now since I don't have any auction items listed - I'm starting that on August 1st. So other than the blog readers not a whole lot of folks will stumble onto those. So consider it a benefit of reading the blog - if you want to check out a small but nice platinum print for cheap, cheap, cheap, do it now or I don't want to hear about it a year from now when they cost much more.


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