Monday, July 09, 2007

Santa Fe, NM Photography Galleries

This isn't intended to be exhaustive, these are just some places I liked. I have an odd July planned where for various reasons I'm going to be in Santa Fe a couple of times so I might add some more later if I stumble onto some more places.

Frankly these are in no real order, just the order they jumped into my head.

Andrew Smith Gallery
- This has mostly older works - you'll find Ansel Adams prints along with other f/64 group folks. Lots of platinum prints and other older printing techniques. Not a whole lot of prints under $5,000. They have two locations. One's pretty close the plaza, and the other's just a bit further away and right next to the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum (which has some spectacular photography of its own).

Monroe Gallery - Very close to the plaza but on a side street you might not otherwise walk down. Lots of cool stuff - especially photojournalism. Lots of signed photos of things you'll recognize - the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima.

Verve - They're a reasonable walk from the plaza but you probably wouldn't go there by accident. They almost try to hide - there's a huge sign that says "Verve" but I don't think it's at all obvious from the street that it's a gallery, let alone of photography. This kind of thing drives me nuts - galleries will pay for websites, run ads, have mailing lists, but then hide. God Forbid they get any walk-in traffic. At the time I was there all the work was "archival pigment" (aka "inkjet") which really looked pretty good... until I entered the smaller side room they're leasing to another gallery which had silver gelatin prints that frankly made the inkjet prints look like crap (good thing too, they were three times the price).

Photogenesis - This is actually in the La Fonda Hotel which is right on the plaza. Good stuff. Mostly contemporary but fairly traditional approaches, mostly shots of local stuff. Definitely worth sticking your head in and checking it out.

Anyway, it's always good to hit the galleries as a sanity check. The really good stuff's absolutely humbling, but at the same time there's frankly a lot of crap out there (mostly at the places I didn't mention!)


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