Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Post Shoot notes: Elise

This is the look of a model who has gotten tired of the photographer fiddling with the lights quite so much. Usual drill - I have to go through these and pick the good ones and edit them, develop a roll of B&W film I took with the TLR, drop a color roll I took with the Holga (who knows if that will come out), blah blah blah but I'll post an update once I have something more to show.

In other news I started the process of kicking the cyanotype and platinum prints on eBay into auction. The plan is still to list regular prints starting on the 1st (tomorrow!) but I thought I'd get started clearing those out. I'm not sure how many I'll list and how many I'll just end, but everything other than the tea toned and papyrus prints will be gone shortly, and then I'll be replacing them with newer stuff.


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