Sunday, July 22, 2007

I'm baaaack!

Just a quick note to let folks know that I'm back on the job. Orders that came in while I was on hiatus are being processed - eBay orders will probably go out Mon/Tues, direct orders Wed/Thu since it will take a couple of days for me to get the prints from the lab.

If anybody's curious - I was in Santa Fe, NM for one event, then did some tourist stuff, then back to Santa Fe for APIS (Alternative Photo International Symposium). It's basically a conference for people who do alternative process prints. I'd never actually even met a fellow platinum print or cyanotype maker and there were quite a few there as well as folks doing all kinds of other processes. There were folks there whose work I recognized, folks whose names I recognized from the top books in the field, and all kinds of new discoveries as well. If you're a photo geek you'll be impressed with some of the speakers - Rondal Partridge, Kim Weston, Kenro Izo.

I also had the odd experience of having a couple of folks recognize my work and come up and introduce themselves and say nice things. Since I'm vaguely anonymous (Hi! My name's San Francisco Nudes, nice to meet you! Yes, I know, I really should write a bio!) for historical reasons that are no longer really relevant this never happens. I mean, people send me nice emails and it's always nice when people buy my stuff from all over the world but I'd never had somebody I didn't know just walk up and start chatting about the website. It's even odder when you've just been totally humbled at some of the work the folks there are producing - I make a pretty decent print if I do say so myself, but some of these guys who have been doing it for 30 years are just awesome.

I'll probably put up some pictures later for the tourist stuff, and I've got a nice todo list for the website since it was a good time to focus on how I'm marketing myself and my work and get my butt in gear and move things forward. But more on that later.

PS The number of folks on the plane that were reading Harry Potter was just plain scary.


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Welcome back!

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