Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Catching Up

Well, I just got the prints in the mail from the orders that came in while I was gone. I've been going through the eBay store and culling things down a bit, and there have been some sales, so I'm down to six of the the small prints on sale. I've decided that Monday after the sale ends I'm just going to pull all of the remaining ones in an effort to simplify everything. Then Wednesday the 1st I'll start listing auction items again.

The more interesting news is that I put out a couple of little notes to various places that I'm shooting another round of models and I've just been swamped by responses. Last night they were literally coming in faster than I could reply to them for a while. Very strange. I have three with firm dates, two where we have all the details except the exact day/time because they're moving out here for school and don't know their class schedule yet, and a couple of more where the discussion seems to be going well but we haven't sorted everything out yet. I never have a whole lot of trouble finding models but this isn't typical and I don't really have an explanation for it. Some of it has to do with the college thing (new people moving into the area) and some models doing a sort of working vacation sometime in August but that doesn't explain all of it.

Other than that, I have a bunch of printmaking things on my plate and some new books coming as well, but more on that later.


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