Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I sunburn really easily and one thing I come to dread on long trip with lots of outdoor components (hiking or whatever) is that I have to slather on sunscreen every single day - even if I'm going to spend the day in a cave. There's enough wandering around up top that I'll burn. I got a sunburn in Ireland on a rainy day, so New Mexico in the summer's serious business.

Carlsbad Caverns is lovely - we went on a variety of guided tours in addition to all the self guided stuff. The Left Hand Tunnel tour is very cool - you have candle lanterns which makes everything look so different. See the bat flight even if bats bug you a bit - I find the way they fly rather disturbing as individuals, but get 350,000 of them together and it just kind of gets lost in the "Wow!"

I'm in my usual post trip frenzy - dealing with mail, dropped off a bunch of prints at the post office (had some international ones so I had to stand in line), arranging the next batch of model shoots (have some great ones lined up already), arranging lunch with a friend or two, getting some groceries, throwing out the loaf of bread I somehow missed while throwing stuff out before the trip (eeeewwwww!).

In addition lots of fiddling with the websites, which will take another couple of days still. I'm done with eBay for now - speaking of which I really like the way it lists the sale items - if you missed the last post, I'm trying a 1 week experiment of discounting the smaller platinum prints because I want to simplify the listings and get them to somebody that will appreciate them. Hey, if you like it maybe you'll buy a big one...


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