Monday, June 11, 2007

What kind of film?

Somebody wanted to know what kind of film I'm using. It's Tri-X for the black and white. Not for any really deep reason - it's kind of the standard Kodak black and white film from back in the day, I've used it before and they still make it so it seemed like an obvious choice. It's ISO 400, which is a pretty good general purpose speed. It is known for being pretty tolerant of exposure and developing mistakes - since I started buying film again to use in a Holga and hadn't developed by hand in ages that seemed good. I'm sure there are more fashionable choices but it works for me. I know some folks recommend trying a bunch of different films to get just the look you like... but I like the Tri-X enough and shoot little enough film I just don't see any reason not to stick with it. But maybe I'll try something else if there's a really good sale!

For color I got a 5 pack of "Fuji Provia 400F Professional". Frankly I just looked for something from Fuji (since that's what I was happiest with when I shot color film regularly) in 400 ISO (just to keep it the same as my black and white - lazy!) daylight balanced (so I can use it outdoors or in studio, but under household bulbs or night conditions the color might be off), E-6 process (slide film - easier to look at and know what you have, easier to scan). It was probably on sale, too. My initial reaction seems positive enough - it's a pretty mature product, you don't really expect any surprises. With processing it's around $10/roll and I get 10-12 shots per roll depending on the camera so it's basically a buck a shot - about three times more expensive than black and white. I'm not going to be shooting giant piles of the stuff unless there's a good reason, but it's fun for a change of pace.


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