Sunday, June 17, 2007


Just one of those posts where I update what's going on in general.

I'm going to be disappearing a bit for a good chunk of July. I'll post some dates later, but it's definitely going to put some delays in print orders and so forth. I'll probably be listing eBay items for another week or so and then stop for a couple of weeks. It kind of sucks to have to turn that stuff on and off but July's always the slowest month of the year for print sales (it's best in the winter - people are online more, in a good mood, perhaps a bit spendy. There's a post-Christmas rush where they've spent a lot on others and want something for themselves.)

Young people: if you're cancelling something (like say a model shoot just hypothetically) the one part excuse is better than the two part excuse. "My grandmother died and I just got a tattoo and it needs to heal" isn't as effective as either part alone. This has been a public service message.

It's looking a bit thin for model shoots before my little hiatus - had some cancellations and other craziness. But often these things pop up with just a couple of days notice - if somebody's ready to shoot, they're ready to shoot. It feels good to have a couple of weeks of shoots in the day planner, but the longer they're planned the less likely they are to actually happen. As always there's a variety of feeds (see the sidebar on the right) or you can just check in periodically. The email option is very cool if you're not a feed person.


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