Monday, June 04, 2007

Post shoot notes: Candy

Just had a great shoot - lovely model, showed up 15 minutes before the shoot was supposed to start, lots of great poses, very pleasant to chat with. We got a ton done in a relatively short period of time.

In addition to the digital shots I took two rolls of 35mm film which is the first time I've shot 35mm film since March, 2003. Very strange after medium format - 36 shots per roll, whoo hoo! My feeling right now is that if I'm going to shoot film I might as well shoot medium format or large format but there was a sale on 35mm film and I can develop it easily enough, so why not try it? Definitely was weird since the film SLR and digital SLR are close enough to feel very similar, but yet you look at the back and there's nothing there! Funny how you get these habits, but with a TLR or view camera it's different enough that I have different habits.

I have some printmaking stuff to do later in the week and picture editing goes well with that - there's lots of 10-20 minute chunks of time where I can do something else. So the goal will be for another Friday set. The film ones will be cropped to the same aspect ratio so they'll all go in together.


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