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I'm at a point with my data storage scheme where I'm running into scaling problems. The short form is that it involves a stack of 300GB or so USB/Firewire drives here, and another stack offsite. I actually have about a terabyte of pictures, so two terabytes of drives. I'd like to switch to more of a cabinet type device but to really do it right I'd need to spend more than I really want to at this time. 500GB drives have gotten cheap enough that I'll probably just get a pair of those and extend the stack up one more level, and that will last me until prices fall on the larger sized drives. It would be really lovely to have a four drive cabinet with four terabyte drives (in a RAID setup you would get about 3 terabytes of actual storage) but the terabyte drives are about twice as much per gig as the half terabyte drives right now.

What's scary is that this represents a little over four years of pictures - 20 years from now this is going to be very interesting especially since the files are only getting larger. Hopefully tons of reliable storage will be cheap enough that there will be a constant process of copying everything to the latest greatest. You definitely don't want to be in a position later where some important files are on drives using some format that your modern computer can't actually read.

Film folks don't have this problem. On the other hand they don't have "offsite backups" either - can you imagine one fire wiping out a lifetime of negatives?


Blogger cosfrog said...

Ive moved from the maxtor 300gb onetouch IIIs to Western Digital 500gb...they were less than $200 each for the firewire versions. THe 1TB raids were a bit over $500. I TRY to burn every shoot right after ward before doing anything, but do need to go to some sort of raid due to all the processed images havent really been backed up (next expense before new computer)

9:16 PM  
Blogger San Francisco Nudes said...

I've been using the western digital drives. The 500s are down to $180 now. I'm actually using firewire - I'm not sure why I wrote USB above (the drives I have handle both).

My scheme's somewhat more complex than stated - I also have some DVDs in the backup mix and a copy of recent stuff ends up on my laptop since I do the initial passes on it.

9:34 PM  
Blogger San Francisco Nudes said...

I should correct myself - You can get 500 GB Western Digital external drives as low as $140. Here's one

9:46 PM  

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