Friday, June 22, 2007

Book plug

I get a lot of folks asking about the print quality of the books - not so much customers as other photographers who are checking out the many options to get books made. I use Lulu which is a print on demand company. The quality's quite good for a small publisher (but not up to Taschen standards) - I know people who have switched to them after trying other folks. I usually recommend that people just buy a book there and see what they think before checking things out. Of course, some of those people would get whacked upside the head if they bought a book of nudes.

I can definitely recommend FOCUS: Through the lens of a soldier. It's by Walter Gaya who served in Iraq - I'm not sure if the photography was part of his job, or just something he was doing (he was also a sniper). An eye wound pretty much ended both tasks. I believe some of the shots are from later when he went back as a civilian. I'm a little vague because there's no actual bio in the book; I just happen to know a bit (but only a bit) about him. It's not necessary to enjoy the photos, though - they're just amazing.


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