Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Alternative Process Print News

The pictured print is a gold toned ziatype, aren't you glad you asked.

I've had this item on my todo list that I've been avoiding for some time - to rephotograph all of the alternative process prints I have on eBay. There's really no excuse for it - I've been busy and let the alt process end of things lapse a bit. They're not easy to photograph and I learned a ton but was vaguely hoping the older ones would sell and I wouldn't have to go back and show just how good they are. Well, some of them did, some of them didn't... and not surprisingly the ones left are the ones where the photos weren't that great.

Anyway, they're all updated. Some of them look a ton better - much closer to the actual prints.

I've actually been cranking out a ton of prints for other things but nothing much new on spec for eBay (they've all been by request or for another photographer or whatever). However I'm thinking that it would be nice around August/September to print a bunch of new ones for eBay but I need to clear out some of the old ones first. Luckily this should be easier with the new photos, but it's a terrible time of the year for online sales. So as an experiment I changed the space prints in the store to be $20 each - this is a steal for even a small platinum print (5x7 image, 8x10 paper), but I'd just as soon clear them out and get them to a good home. Hey, if you like 'em you'll get something else with a little luck.


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