Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sounds you don't want to hear

So the house next door is getting a new roof. They're pretty much stripping it down all the way, putting on new plywood, etc. So they've been out there for days, Mariachi music blaring, lots of noise. But the place really needed a new roof and I'm pretty sure it's rented so good to see the landlord putting some money into the place.

But then I hear a surprised shout, the sound of something sliding down and off the roof, and a huge crash. Then lots of cursing in Spanish. I have almost no Spanish, so while I know it's cursing I'm not sure if it's "I just fell off the roof, call 911" cursing or "I just dropped a bundle of shingles off the roof" cursing. I stuck my head out the window and most of the workers looked amused so I'm hoping it's that second one.

Sorry, no pictures for that one! But I have shoots scheduled the next couple of days, so hopefully more interesting pictures soon...


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