Saturday, May 05, 2007

So old...

The new Beloit list isn't out yet, but I was just checking and re-read last years. It's intended for professors - provides some context to the entering class (The new one will be 2011!). It contains things like "The Soviet Union has never existed and therefore is about as scary as the student union." and "Beach volleyball has always been a recognized sport." They have it back quite a few years - the 2007 list contains things like "Datsuns have never been made", "The Army has always driven Humvees".

I always read it, partially because it's interesting and partially because a lot of the models are college aged or recent graduates and if you spend a lot of time talking to 18-22 year olds it's nice to understand their perspective a bit if you're going to be chatting with them for a couple of hours and making them feel comfortable.

My shooting schedule actually relates to the college year - right now finals are coming up and a lot of folks are busy. But some models are already scheduling for when they come home for break, and fresh graduates who don't have jobs yet often do a little modeling - they have the time and if they can bring in little money that's just gravy. Obviously many of my models are older or not in college but it's definitely noticeable.


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