Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Post shoot notes: Brigit

Well, I finally had a model shoot. I was hoping for some last week but had some rescheduled shoots and other craziness. I actually have a half dozen shoots of various kinds scheduled right now - we'll see how many of them happen. It's just a problem everybody has with models, nudes or not - even agency models don't always show up, the advantage is that the agency sends over a new one quick.

Anyway, we tried some new lighting and refined some old things. As always I just grabbed an image that looked interesting from the thumbnail - might or might not end up as a keeper. You might want to click on the image to get more detail - I played with water again. I took a roll with the view camera with a roll back as well - very slow process!

Hopefully the final set will be up in a couple of days. As always if you want to find out about updates, you can subscribe via the feed.


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