Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Post shoot notes: Iona

I spent a couple of nice hours shooting with Iona Lynn, who's one of the very few full time art models around.

We're at a local regional park near the bay - nice mix of marsh areas, pond areas, hills, the bay. Lots of birds, not a lot of people early on a Wednesday.

It's always nicest working outdoors if the model is experienced. Ideally you should be able to say OK, I think this is an interesting view, or an interesting object to interact with, and I'm going to be shooting you from this angle, and it's standing or sitting or whatever, and we'll want to spend a little or a lot of time on it (relatively) and then she quickly disrobes, you take a few shots, and she gets her clothes on. Shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes, really. While it's not exactly urban shooting there's no point in taking a long time when you can't be positive there's nobody around the corner. Or in a shot like this where she's very exposed to anybody on the trail going around the lake.

Then you go on to the next place, and repeat. There's no point in a zillion poses in one spot - they look too much the same even if the poses are very different. And anyway, that's how you end up with complaints and a nice chat with the park rangers. Just get it done and move on.

Now, later in the shoot we were in a more remote area and I felt comfortable enough to pull out the Mamiya TLR and shoot two film rolls - one color, one B&W. That basically tripled my time since I shot the same backgrounds with digital and each roll of film. But still, you try to be efficient about it and then go to the next place.

I should have the digital stuff up Friday. The film, hard to say. The black and white I'll hopefully develop tomorrow with anything I take during tomorrow's shoot. The color I can't do myself - I need to drop that off at the lab and come back later to pick it up.


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