Friday, May 25, 2007

New Model: Brigit

I've uploaded the new set with Brigit. She's one of these tremendous women who contact me out of the blue and ask if they can shoot with me.

The picture over there on the left is from that set - it's one of two I included from the view camera (4x5 Crown Graphic). With the 6x7cm roll back I'm not going to separate the shots out to another folder since they crop very nicely to the 8x10 ratio I use normally. The Mamiya shots are separated because their 6x6 ratio is fun and I want to have some square shots up and my template just isn't smart enough to figure that out on a per shot basis. The Holga shots are also 6x6cm but they're from a Holga and there's a little explanation (warning!) of that.

I probably won't use the roll back super often with models - the results are the same with the Mamiya and I'm a lot faster with it. It's more just a practice thing. Next shoot I'll probably take a couple of Polaroid Type 55 shots which produce a 4x5 inch positive and usable negative. The cost per shot with the Polaroid is more than the cost per roll with regular film so it's definitely nice to get a bit of practice in before doing that.


Blogger cosfrog said...

Enjoyed her gallery, nice muscle tones in the black and whites!

6:41 PM  

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