Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More on Feeds

OK, everything seems to be working OK with the new setup so I thought I’d explain it a bit. There are two feeds associated with San Francisco Nudes.

One’s for the main site, and I’ve updated it for a couple of years but never really drawn attention to it. If you look at the homepage there’s a discrete little icon at the bottom of the page.

If you click on it you go to the feed. Until recently this was a raw XML file – geeky types would know they could take the URL, put it in a reader, and get updated automatically when it was updated. These days the feed is processed by feedburner and there’s some cool links to add the feed automatically to common readers – if you don’t see yours, you can still use the URL. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, notice one option is “subscribe by email”.

If you look at the feed for the main site, feedburner formats it nicely in browsers so you can see what the updates look like. You can see it’s basically just a one liner and a link to each set of pictures when I upload something.

The second is for the blog. Same deal, except that same little icon is over in the right hand sidebar and I’ve surfaced some common options like Yahoo and Google for your convenience.

I also added some “autodiscover” hints to the page. If you’re using a smart browser like firefox you’ll see that same little icon to the right of the URL. If you click it, it will make a live bookmark where instead of going to the site you can just look at the bookmark and see if it’s updated. Pretty cool. Other browsers that support feeds will do something similar.

If you’re running other browsers, or toolbars like the Google Toolbar you might see some kind of subscribe button on those pages with the same kind of icon (getting the pattern?). If you hit it, you’ll get some kind of similar result.

You’ll see sites using this same icon everywhere these days – they’re really quite useful.

Anyway, if you are interested in the pre/post shoot notes and my general ramblings, go for the blog feed. If you really just want the pictures, go for the pictures only feed.


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