Sunday, May 13, 2007

More memory card madness

Even though prices on memory cards have collapsed in the last couple of months, SanDisk is offering rebates. At Costco you can get the 4GB card for $50 after rebate and the 8GB card for $83. You can find similar deals elsewhere although not everybody seems to have the rebate forms. For context in March I paid $75 and $120 for those two cards, and was thrilled because the month before they'd been twice that.

I shoot in RAW mode which creates large files, but even so that's 400+ and 800+ pictures each. I do have an 8GB card but have never filled it. I don't use it in the studio - too many eggs in one basket and really there's no point - but it's nice for events like shooting a parade or a fireworks display where you want to shoot away like a crazy person without worrying about timing a card swap and if somehow the file system got corrupted and you couldn't save anything, well, probably not that big of a deal.


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