Monday, May 07, 2007

Love Google News - James Lileks

If you search for James Lileks (a columnist in Minneapolis) and beloved writer of various books and a great blog and the reason why half the photographers I do are doing Art Frahm homages... where did that sentence go... anyway, search for him on Google News and here are the top things that come up

Lileks Says He's Losing His Minneapolis 'Star Tribune' Column
World's stupidest newspaper decision
Lileks could use a hand
Death wish at the Star-Tribune

The headlines tell the story!

I dunno, when Dave Berry is writing a completly non-funny, non-ironic, pissed off mention about your business decision, maybe you should think about what you're doing a bit.

I used to subscribe to two papers, incidentally. Then I dropped one, then the other. Apparently this is becoming more common. The news was all AP articles I'd read the night before on the web, and they removed a lot of local columnists, and at that point there really wasn't any reason to subscribe anymore.

Update: Wow, Hugh Hewitt (a national talk show host) has listed all manner of contact information for their management. Is it a bad sign when national talk show hosts keep listing the phone number to cancel your subscription? (Warning: Hugh's very conservative politically and the Strib, um, isn't so he tends to frame things a certain way)


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