Tuesday, April 17, 2007

View Camera Results

I took my view camera, tripod, and roll back to a local campus and took a couple of rolls. I initially had a problem that the roll back is kind of inside out compared to the way the Mamiya TLR works, and I managed to load the film wrong. You can do that surprisingly easily in medium format and end up with a blank roll. It's only obvious when you go to seal the exposed roll and realized the paper is inside out. But that's exactly the kind of thing I wanted to shake out instead of having that happen during a model shoot. (Hint - you want the black side OUT).

Anyway, after a couple of hours you definitely speed up quite a bit - you know where the controls are more by feel, you stop putting your hand right over the rangefinder windows (oops), all that sort of thing. Several students and one professor came up and asked what I was doing and I let them check out the camera. Nobody was hostile or anything - they just wanted to know what the heck it was and once they realized it was a camera why anybody would still use it. Given that the students were born 20 years after this camera was made and it was already going out of fashion by then that's not unreasonable.

I put up a single shot. It's frankly a pretty crappy shot but it will do as a place holder. Other shots were nicer but they're of things I already have up elsewhere so it seems kind of redundant. I'm actually not sure I'll seperate these shots out - since the aspect ratio is the same as I crop my regular shots to, I can just put these and the digital shots in the same folder and the template won't change.

Anyway, I'm confident enough at this point that the next time I have a model in the studio I can take a roll or two without feeling like I'm wasting our time, so that's the next step.


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