Tuesday, April 17, 2007


If you want an interesting perspective on the VT massacre you might want to read Dr. Helen's blog - she's a forensic psychologist, spends a lot of time dealing with violent or potentially violent youth and has an interesting perspective about the kind of person who always seems to be involved in this kind of thing. It's usually pretty wide ranging but I imagine she'll continue to post more about this for a while.

I got my roll back for the new camera. This basically turns my large format view camera (single sheet 4x5 inch negatives) into a medium format view camera (6x7 cm negatives on a roll of 10). That's still a darn big negative and it will let me learn to use the thing without spending a fortune and without worrying about both using a view camera for the first time and dealing with sheet film as well. Basically if I want to use the Polaroid negatives it's $5/SHOT versus $3.50/ROLL. I'll probably take it to the local campus simply because it's attractive and there's always something to shoot. Hopefully nobody will think it's a weapon - seriously, it happens, people see anything strange on a tripod these days and they call security.

Still working on editing the latest set. I'm hoping to get them done shortly now that I have other stuff off my plate (taxes, yardwork) but no guarantees.

Update: I forgot to mention Delara Darabi. First off, go here and check out the paintings. The extremely short form is that the artist is an Iranian gal on death row for allegedly killing somebody when she was 17. That same site has the details. I mention it partially because I think her work is interesting in of itself and worth looking at. I also mention it because it's an example of something I've gotten interested in lately when is when unlikely political allies have common cause(*). In this case the anti death penalty, especially for underaged crimes crowd is allied with the conservative bloggers who a) like making Iran look bad, and b) Iranian dissidents have been trying to get the word out and all of their contacts are conservative. And of course it helps that she's attractive and has been cranking out this impressive art. I have zero idea how realistic it is to do anything for her, or how much of the complete story we're even getting, but I thought people might like to see the art in any case.

(*) Another example might be when environmentalists and Ducks Unlimited get together. Ducks Unlimited does a lot of great work to preserve wetlands, because they like ducks and they're concerned about habitat destruction. The twist however is that they like ducks because they're hunters and specifically like shooting the ducks. So they and, say, the Sierra Club might get together to fight some development where they want to fill a marsh but it's not exactly a comfortable relationship. 2nd Amendment groups and the Pink Pistols are another case - the Pink Pistols are pro-gun gays. They tend to be in favor of things like concealed carry laws because they're tired of getting beaten up. It's not too different conceptually than the 2nd Amendment Sisters - many of them are rape victims, or would like not to be - but I somehow suspect the comfort level isn't quite there...


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