Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Postage Increase

Well, it's getting to be that time again. On May 14th postal rates go up. International mail will cost me $2 more. The domestic flat rate envelope which is mostly what I use will be 50 cents more. I assume the packages sent via priority mail will scale by about the same percentage.

In calculating shipping I also have to add in the costs of mailing supplies and such. For some things it's pretty low, but as an example the tubes I've started using for 16x20s are $2.50 each and cost $4-$6 for postage and the mailing boxes for 11x14s including alt process prints are about the same. There's some combinations where I'm actually taking a small loss on shipping right now, and a small gain in other scenarios, and it all kind of works out.

Point being, it's a somewhat complex calculation to figure out fair rates, but I'll do that in early May and probably about May 7th I'll start tweaking eBay items (which will be no fun at all) and I'll change the prices here on the website probably around May 10th since it takes a couple of days before things are shipped anyway.


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