Sunday, April 01, 2007

Odds and Ends

Well, I've decided to join the priesthood. (OK, fine, it's April 1st and you weren't fooled at all. Ha!)

I've had over 200 blog posts, yay.

I've had a bunch of crazy model rescheduling (all with plausible excuses and plenty of warning - if somebody cancels at the last minute I never reschedule them) but it still looks like I should have some great shoots over the next two weeks. We'll see!

has announced that they're adding books to their press-printed line. They do my business cards and christmas cards, which are press-printed, and the quality's very good. They have things like leather covers. But they're going to be super expensive... but as far as I can tell they have no quantity discounts so I could order them as needed. This might be an interesting option - I could do something like a very limited edition of 26 lettered copies (A-Z), with say 20 favorite images for $100. They're supposed to be announcing the details in a couple of weeks, so no decision until then. If the quality's high enough it will be a real deal. If it's not obviously I just won't do it.

I will probably do a third book with Lulu in any case. I'm basically out of copies of my first two books and rather than order more and start promoting them I might as well have a book with my newer work. It's been a year and 33 model shoots since the last one, so two pictures per shoot and we're there. They're easy to put together if you already have a bunch of edited pictures handy, which of course I do. Just a question of picking two per shoot, arranging them, thinking of a title, getting their template and throwing in everything, uploading it, ordering a single copy just to check everything, and then making it public. It's pretty painless.


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