Friday, April 06, 2007

New Model: Iyah

I just uploaded the set with Iyah. Fans of the athletic gals are going to be delighted!

In other news, I had a Crown Graphic arrive. More details later but it's a kind of view camera - a press camera, specifically. Small for a view camera, and doesn't have all the adjustments, but it has the bellows you associate with old cameras, and can do some basic shift/tilt/rise stuff. If you're doing something fancy you want it on a tripod but press (including WW II photographers) used it handheld. With the right backs you can shoot 4x5 inch sheet film (BIG negatives), Polaroids (both pictures and negatives), and 120 roll film. All in all you can use it for a variety of tasks. I'll talk more later about my plans - I don't have all the "stuff" yet (like, say, film!) so I haven't taken a picture with it yet but everything seems to work OK as best as I can tell.

The third book's proceeding along nicely - figured out cover stuff, etc. I have a tentative title. Probably in a week or so I'll be in a position where things will be finalized enough to start taking pre-orders.


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