Monday, April 30, 2007

Myspace Madness

I had a response to an ad looking for models that was strange - looked like they hadn't read the ad (OK, that's not that unusual) but they were demanding samples of my work and asking if I required this rather long list of porn-related acronyms. It was written in a fairly incoherent fashion and frankly didn't sound like a woman at all, let alone somebody looking for a job.

So I put the person's email into myspace. And they're a 15 year old boy. Ah, ha! They're fishing for pictures! And apparently too stupid to realize that if they look at my email address and think for a moment they can find some nudes although not all that other stuff. Or for that matter actually use the link in the ad that goes to my portfolio page.

I had another model (an actual one this time) try to reschedule a shoot because she was so sick with food poisoning that she was barely leaving the bathroom. This went on for a couple of days. But then on her myspace there appeared lots of comments about the wild party the night before - including pictures of her smiling and holding a beer. So I guess the original note's accurate if you consider alcohol to be food, but not so much otherwise.


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