Thursday, April 05, 2007

Book 3 Notes

People seem interested in the mechanics so I thought I'd post an update. Some of this is geared towards photographers; please forgive me.

The first thing to note is that I'm now totally out of copies of the first two books, and I don't see any point in me stocking more if I have a newer one coming out, so if you want one you'll need to get it directly from the printer. I have the price set a bit lower than normal to see what happens, so now's a great time to get them if you haven't already.

I've identified a tentative set of pictures, which you can see here. There's several ways to do this, but the way I do it is to assemble them all into a folder, sRGB, 300dpi. Lulu is frankly a bit vague on color management stuff so sRGB seems safest. I get the template Word document from Lulu and set up a title page and so forth. Then I drag the files into the document in order (the order mostly has to do with what pairs of pictures I want next to each other).

Next steps are to get front and back cover images, which are uploaded seperately. But to finalize those and the main document I'll need a title. It's really tempting to call it "What Doug's been up to for the last year" but somehow I think it should be a bit more catchy than that.

Once that's done you upload everything and Lulu spits out pdfs of everything after some processing. You double check it and order a copy just to be safe. At this point I'll probably open things up to preorders at a reduced price for a couple of weeks.

Once you've checked the copy you've had printed, you can make the item public and folks can order and you can get yourself some copies to sign and sell directly.

It's really pretty straightforward, it's just a question of getting everything together in the right format and getting it done.


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